Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thing 23. I'm Done!

I made it to the top, finally! Encountered some very rough terrain and many obstacles along the way. The temptation to turn back was overwhelming at times, due to frustration and the lack of time to work on the "things". I only got to the "top" with the help and support from others and it was most appreciated!

I had many fun times also...laughed at myself often. I am glad that I persevered to the was quite satisfying. I will definitely revisit a few of the "things" and try to learn more when the time constraints aren't present.

I was reading the paper and came across an article in the Sunday Source section of the Washington Post, November 4 about blogging, titled "Be More than a Blip in the Blogospere". I am proud to say that the terminology was not foreign to me as it would have been pre "23 things"!

I've come along way but I have mucho miles to go!

Thing 22. Downloadable Audiobooks.

Checked out the sites,unable to download but am impressed by the number of books that are "out there" to download.

Thing 21. Podcasts.

From, I added Health & Fitness to my bloglines. From Podcast Alley, Mugglecast. The Kankakee Public Library had a podcast of "An Evening with Elizabeth Berg" that I was interested in.

Thing 20. YouTube.

We test drove a Smart Car so I chose this YouTube!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thing 19. Web 2.0 Awards List

I chose from the fun stuff category to "play" with. The Qantas email was comical.

Thing 17. SandBox

I added my blog to the SandBox. I read some of the "favorites" while in the sand. And this is my sandbox!

Thing 16. Wikis.

"Wiki" means quick in Hawaiian. "Malihini" means stranger or newcomer...this describes me with this new technology. But wiki is a feature that I understand! It allows a group of people to collaboratively develop a website. Anyone can add or delete content. The drawback is to be wary of the accuracy and reliablity of the information.

I visited the Bull Run Library Wiki. On their wiki, they offer info on the Friends of the Library, programming, locations for finding resources, etc. Their wiki is maintained by only 1 patron.

Wikis could be utilized by libraries to connect and interact with the community.